Keeping Your Customer Happy

Maintenance and preservation of pavement can often be a messy business, especially when spraying material or using microsurfacing equipment. While using a squeegee is a great way to apply TopShell in those tough to reach areas, there are a few steps your crew can take to prevent callbacks from an inspector or property owner.

  • Staging & Planning – To prevent splotches or drips, make sure you position your spray rig at the final area being covered. If your hose is not long enough, lay heavy duty tarps on and around the rig at each mixing location. Any drips or spills can be covered as you come back over the area.
  • Mix Consistency – Too much water, can lead to performance issues and the mix being more fluid than specified. Always watch the material/mix consistency to ensure you cut a straight line along the gutter. Blocking and felt paper are both good ways to ensure you do not over spray or have any bleeding into the gutter. Use a flexible squeegee if you need to pull it closer by hand.
  • Curbing & Gutters – Before you start applying TopShell, place roofing felt over any drains, gutters, manhole covers, and/or utility caps. Allow the material to dry for 15 minutes before removing the felt to show crisp lines and edges.

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