TopShell  & Ram Jack® have Established a Network of Authorized Applicators Nationwide. Ram Jack, the Foundation Repair Experts for 40+ years, is Offering its Customers a Resurfacing Solution for their Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Garages, and Parking Lots: TOPSHELL.

Cracked pavements are unsightly and present a hazard. Ignoring the signs of a subsurface failure can lead to water intrusion and larger foundation problems. These issues will reduce safety, decrease property values, and lessen curb appeal. Often, the only solution is slab replacement, which is both expensive and extremely disruptive. TopShell is the cost-effective alternative.

TopShell is a cement-based overlay that bonds to concrete and asphalt, preserving the underlying pavement. It creates a long-lasting, high friction “Shell” that is thin, flexible, and extremely durable. This revolutionary product enhances the aesthetic appeal of older pavements, increasing curb appeal and improving property values.

TopShell is manufactured in a variety of pre-blended colors and only requires the addition of water. Contact your local Ram Jack Contractor to learn more about Foundation Repair and Concrete Resurfacing:

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