About Our Products


TopShell is a cementitious overlay designed to protect, enhance, and beautify asphalt, aggregate, metal, and concrete surfaces.  It creates a tough, durable, and high friction wearing course that bonds permanently to the pavement surface. This “top shell” extends the usefulness and durability of the underlying surface by inhibiting adverse water and UV effects.

TopShell can be used to help municipalities, HOA’s and private business owners bridge the gap between continually paying for petroleum-based preventative maintenance products and the expensive process of milling/overlaying the existing asphalt. It is environmentally-friendly and available in a wide range of colors.

Recommended Applications:

Subdivision & Private Roads Highway Shoulders Parking Lots & Garages
Increasing Friction Bridge Decks Cross Walks
Local Roads Sidewalks Residential Driveways
Schools & Universities Bike Lanes Sports Courts