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Keeping Your Customer Happy

Maintenance and preservation of pavement can often be a messy business, especially when spraying material or using microsurfacing equipment. While using a squeegee is a great way to apply TopShell in those tough to reach areas, there are a few steps your crew can take to prevent callbacks from an inspector or property owner. Staging…

A Cement-Based Overlay like Microsurfacing

Similar to Microsurfacing, a TopShell overlay can be used to help municipalities, HOA’s and private business owners bridge the gap between continually paying for petroleum-based preventative maintenance products such as sealcoating and microsurfacing or and the expensive process of milling/filling the existing asphalt. A single application of TopShell will extend the service life, increase friction,…

Microsurface Paving Safety

Today, we are talking about Safety! Consult and follow the TopShell Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Always follow the safety recommendation provide by machine and equipment manufacturers. Use protective clothing and equipment when handling and applying TopShell. Avoid inhaling TopShell. Dust is especially present when mixing.  Wear a respirator to avoid breathing in product.