About TopShell

As infrastructure assets continue to deteriorate worldwide, TopShell is on the forefront of revolutionizing the pavement preservation industry.

TopShell is a single-component, pre-blended overlay requiring only the addition of water. It is a fast-hardening, high-strength coating designed to bond to existing asphalt and concrete surfaces. TopShell is flexible and provides both corrosion and oxidation protection.

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  • Preserves:  Extends pavement life by creating a new wearing surface, blocking UV rays and water, preventing further oxidation
  • High Friction:  Adds surface friction, providing a better grip in slippery conditions  
  • Extends: TopShell extends the useful life of underlying surfaces and reduces the need for on-going pavement maintenance
  • LEED Qualified: Contains no harmful VOCs or bituminous emulsions and lighter colors meet LEED requirements for solar reflectivity   
  • Appearance:  Provides a new surface and is available in a variety of colors

See a video of TopShell being applied through Microsurfacing Equipment: