TopShell was created with the Contractor and their Customers in mind. Our single-component system does not require specially designed equipment and can be applied either by hand/squeegee, using sprayer/hopper, or using modified micro-surfacing equipment. Our proprietary formula is factory blended and only requires water for consistent results that preserve the pavement, enhance the aesthetic appeal, and improve your bottom line.

Municipalities and property owners have been implementing pavement maintenance programs to combat the elements that degrade the surfaces we drive and walk on every day. Rain, snow, UV rays, and chemicals damage the pavement, leading to surface cracking and discoloration. Additionally, TopShell will improve the surface texture, creating friction and improving curb-appeal. 


Before attempting to apply TopShell, make sure the surface is structurally sound and that the surface is clean and bondable. Slick or glossy surfaces should be treated before applying TopShell. Cracks and spalling should be repaired, patched, and smoothed before applying TopShell.  Unrepaired cracks will remain visible in the finished surface. TopShell should only be applied to fully cured and dried surfaces.
Prior to applying TopShell, we recommend:
1. Thoroughly removing all debris and dust from the surface. Painted surfaces may require sanding.
2. Washing the surface and allow it completely dry. Remove all organics, grease, and other contaminants.
3. Checking the surface for standing water before proceeding.

Temperature & Weather

Apply TopShell when temperature is above 40° F/5° C and rising. Do not install TopShell if rain or snow is expected within 24 hours. Water temperature should not exceed 80°F/27°C. Water temperature, humidity, and surface temperature will affect curing time and workability of the product.


One 50-pound (22.7 kg) bag of TopShell requires, 4.25 – 4.75 US quarts (136 – 152 fl oz.) of clean water. Add water to a 5-gallon bucket or mixing device and slowly add TopShell powder while mixing. Mix completely until it is lump-free and pourable. Allow mixture to release air before immediately applying a thin layer to a section of the working area. Do not exceed recommended water requirements.

Pot Life: Mixture will remain spreadable for approximately 10 minutes. In hotter conditions, working time will be reduced. Re-agitate prior to application if required.


TopShell is to be applied by hand/squeegee or spray application method, using the techniques outlined below. For machine application, follow the instructions in the machine’s operations manual

  • Hand/Squeegee Application – After mixing, slowly pour a thin line of the TopShell mixture across the surface and evenly distribute the coating into a thin layer using a squeegee. Immediately broom or finish to desired texture.
  • Spray/Hopper Gun: Immediately after mixing, pour TopShell mixture into the reservoir of the hopper gun outfitted with a large orifice. Cover the surface using a circular spray pattern.
  • Micro-Surfacing Paver:  Use only micro-surfacing pavers that are equipped with recommended distribution bar or spreader box. Apply material according to the guidelines of the paver manufacturer and contact TopShell’s Technical Department.

Coverage Rate at Recommended Thickness*

1/16 inch (1.6 mm) 1/8 Inch. (3.2 mm)
50-lb Bag:  140-160 Sq. ft 50-lb Bag:  75-100 Sq. ft
3,000-lb Super Sack: 1,240-1,300 Sq. yd 3,000-lb Super Sack: 670-700 Sq yd

*Actual coverage rate may be affected by the age/texture of the pavement substrate and the application method. Heavily oxidized and/or damages surfaces will result in a lower coverage rate


For additional aesthetic benefits and a reduction of efflorescence, use a recommended water-based, acrylic sealer. Allow TopShell to dry before sealing.