TopShell Hosting Demonstrations

TopShell will be hosting COVID-Safe events in 2020 to demonstrate the large-scale application process of its cement-based pavement preservation product using the Bergkamp M310E Paver. Contractors, State Highway and Transportation Officials, Engineers, and those interested in the Pavement Preservation Industry are welcome. TopShell is the preferred alternative to emulsion-based products. Suitable for distressed asphalt and […]

TopShell Applied With Bergkamp M310E

Working together with Bergkamp, TopShell has brought to market a dual-use paving machine that applies our cement-based pavement preservation product and/or conventional micro. Bergkamp used the M310E as their starting point, which they modified to accurately mix and apply TopShell. With minimal training, Micro Surfacing crews will be able to efficiently apply this new surface […]